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ISBA Partner Predictions for 2023

ISBA Partners reflect on what they think marketing will look like in 2023.

Ryan Kangisser, Managing Partner at MediaSense contributes, predicting ‘less talk and more action’ as brands are forced to navigate a turbulent media and marketing ecosystem: “If 2022 was about talk, 2023 will be a year action as brands are forced to break from conventional approaches to mitigate the impact of rising inflation, economic uncertainty and shifting consumer preference.

Brands will be forced to accelerate their shift towards omnichannel or omni-commerce as they seek more flexibility, fluidity and efficiency in the way they reach their consumers. With the cookie-apocalypse growing closer, they will also look to accelerate their data and insight capabilities, with more initiatives and partnerships to scale audience data, while also adopting more bespoke ways of measuring (and balancing) efficiency & effectiveness.

The rise of streaming and retail platforms (from an advertising perspective) will also force brands to experiment more with technology who can no longer rely on a one stop shop for all their buying needs. This is a welcome sign in a market otherwise dominated by fewer and fewer players.

Finally, advances in measurement solutions and the awareness achieved in 2022 will trigger a more meaningful push by brands looking to minimise the environmental impact of their marketing activities, and societal impact of the partners they invest in”.

You can read the full report here.

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