As organisations transform to become more agile, expectations and requirements of their agency and technology partners evolve. We provide an end-to-end closed or open pitch management service, ensuring organisations scope and manage increasingly complex processes to deliver better business outcomes.

We reduce risk and generate value by executing capability assessments, underpinned by deep media analytics and commercial evaluations. Working collaboratively with clients, we add deep expertise in project management, digital specialisms, remuneration and media trading.



‘Reset’ is a fully-supported and expert re-negotiation process with incumbent partners, which generates tangible value benefits and performance improvements. As a result, brands re-connect and re-engage with their agency partners and become more efficient and productive in how they work together.


‘Review’ is a fully-codified and managed pitch process which generates tangible value benefits and improved ROI. As a result, brands enjoy more compatible and collaborative working relationships; more innovative, efficient and productive use of media budgets; and full control and governance of agency and tech partners.


'Re-imagine' is designed for organisations looking to change their current agency model into something more transformative and customised to their future needs. We integrate our operating model and pitch management skills and expertise to design & implement differentiated, future-facing agency models.

Key questions we answer

Do we have the right agency and technology partners to support our digital transformation?

How do I run a fair, rigorous and impartial pitch process that extracts maximum value for stakeholders?

How do we embed strong and transparent relationships with clear service expectations and governance?

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