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Media 20:20 Research Programme – Media 2025 Launches

MediaSense’s Media 20:20 research program, now in its fifth wave tracks how brands and their agencies have responded and adapted to the evolutions in consumer media usage and the marketing technology landscape.

Our latest research, Media 2025 serves as a record of how marketers have adjusted their internal and external media operating models and provides the foresight for organizations looking to better equip themselves for an ever-changing media ecosystem in 2022 and beyond.

The Media 2025 report combines industry-leader interviews with a global survey of senior marketers – the findings make essential reading for CMOs, Marketing and Procurement Directors and Media and Digital teams.

2015-2020: Experimentation, Transparency & Control

In 2015’s first wave of research, many brands were experimenting with their digital transformation journey – bringing in specialists and organising teams to deliver customer-centric marketing and communications.

In 2017 brands were requesting transparency in their data, strategy, and agency relationships.

In 2019 it was apparent that the evolution continued, but with an even greater proliferation of media operating models being pursued as brands find the structures and relationships that work their business. A new set of challenges had emerged, this time more human than technological.

In 2020’s wave, we focused on media transformation; a journey most organisations were experiencing (albeit at different stages). Brands we’re ambitious – looking to evolve into more self-sufficient, data and technology powered, consumer-centric organisations.

2022 – Media 2025

Media 2025, wave five of our research has recently launched and explores the diversity of the current global media landscape.

You can read more information here and register for a copy using the form below.

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