As media planning and buying practices are adapting to become more performance-based and outcome-focussed, so must the media auditing process. Our audit and analytics capability has been built to navigate this evolution and the challenges of a more fragmented media ecosystem to maximise addressability and provide more relevance, value, and insight.

MediaSense are leaders and innovators in digital media measurement. Our next generation DIPA Platform derives insights across all digital channels and forms of media processing data quickly and rigorously and providing customised reporting with visualisations and dashboards.



Our core audit and governance toolkit ensures rigorous accountability across all paid media channels and markets, underpinned by methodologies delivered by subject matter experts, via high-quality reports and dashboards.


A suite of bespoke tools, databases and analyses, configured to delve deeper into media data to mitigate risk and uncover greater opportunities for optimisation and incremental value gains.

advanced analytics

This transformational programme deploys machine learning for advanced advertisers who want to take more hands-on control of their media investments and step-change the oversight and performance of their media.

Key questions we answer

How do I hold my agency accountable for the performance of our media?

How can I drive greater productivity from our media investments?

What KPIs should I be measuring in the short and long term?

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