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MediaSense in the Press: Ad Industry Shifts 2023 Budgets as Recession Now Looks Inevitable

Current intel on jobs, inflation and consumer spending are giving global marketers mixed signals, making it harder to see whether to stay the course or pivot with advertising through the upcoming turmoil.

Still, there is a broad consensus on one thing: A recession is coming next year. And regardless of when (or where) it does hit, flexibility is going to be key to how much advertising contracts.

Digiday reports on industry budgets shifts as a recession unfortunately looms. Ryan Kangisser, Managing Partner, Strategy at MediaSense contributes, commenting on how Marketers are bracing for a recession, but with a wait-and-see approach:

“From what I’ve seen so far, budgets for next year are looking flat versus this year driven by the recognition it’s better to spend through a recession than to not, and also the inflationary pressures meaning they need to spend more to make an impact (in TV at least).”

To read the full article via Digiday, please click here.

First featured on 21/09/2022

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