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TViQ™ is an interactive tool that benchmarks TV campaigns by evaluating 100’s of UK TV advertisers each week.


It gives brands full visibility of their performance and deep campaign insights against peers as soon as the data is ‘live’.

TViQ™ delivers against universal TV metrics including advertising weights, reach, viewability and placement quality.

All campaigns are ranked and then scored, with results viewable online or in reports.

Insights from TViQ™ empower brands to achieve better visibility, management and productivity from their UK TV investments. 

Benefits Include:

Comprehensive Benchmarks
See how your campaign ranks against the market & your competitors

Improved Performance
Learn from the brands which perform best on each metric

Actionable Insights
Timely information delivery enables “in-flight” optimisation

Customised Reports
Pick and choose your own dates, audience, campaign or competitors

Improved Productivity
Reduces unnecessary time requesting reports from agencies

Full History
Access all your campaign and competitor data, from Jan ’17 to date