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MediaSense answers the call for a new audit model with TViQ™

Today MediaSense launches TViQ™, the UK’s fastest TV campaign evaluation tool, to give brands fast insights and complete visibility of their TV performance.
The interactive tool evaluates 100’s of campaigns every week to provide an up-to-date and comprehensive view of the TV advertising market.

Brands can see their own and competitor campaigns as soon as the data is ‘live’ by accessing the TViQ™ platform, providing a holistic view of universal TV metrics allowing better management and effectiveness from TV investments.

Andy Pearch, MediaSense Co-founder, says: “Brands want their results and insights more quickly, without waiting months for benchmarks to be compiled. Traditional audits don’t allow this. TViQ™ is an innovative, data-driven product that makes the audit more transparent and puts brands in control”.

To find out more about TViQ, visit

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