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MediaSense in the Press: Digiday – Media Buying Briefing

Digiday’s Michael Burgi looks at the changes in media consumption and how these changes have brought about ‘lo-fi rebundling’: a renewed realisation that media, creative and data in the agency world need to work together at the outset to find effective solutions for clients. Ryan Kangisser, Managing Partner, MediaSense comments:

“Every brand today is talking about full funnel and omni channel and customer centricity. And one of the biggest impediments to that is the fact that we’ve got these different partners who don’t talk to each other, who create things in isolation that don’t measure the multiplicative effect.”

“When you think about things like retail media, who’s creating that content? Is it the media agency, the creative agency, the shopper agency or the internal design studio? That’s an experience you want to make sure is integrated with everything else. We’re seeing brands who are really looking to reorganize their businesses to be organized around the consumer rather than the channel. And I think with that, there’ll be an expectation that the agency will start to integrate better.”

To read the article in full via Digiday please click here.

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