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‘Cost Conscious Consumers, Restrictive Economy’: Advertising’s Tough Ride in 2022

With even the seemingly invincible platforms making cutbacks and marketers becoming  jittery about advertising, Digiday reports on cost conscious consumers and the restrictive economy.

Ryan Kangisser, Managing Partner for Strategy MediaSense contributes, offering some options marketers may be considering to mitigate a down-turn:

“In the short term, maybe they (marketers) spend more on ads to justify price hikes in an inflationary marketplace. Perhaps they create more flexible commercial structures with their agencies to manage any volatility of spend, or rise in media inflation. And some might be thinking even further ahead, to what bets made now could pay off come the rebound. All these options and more are being considered by marketers at the moment. No one wants to be caught off guard if this downturn flips into a rout”.

Read the full feature here.

First featured 20/05/2021

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