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ISBA & Infectious Media Report – Why Digital Transformation of Media is Defining its Future

Ryan Kangisser, Managing Partner, MediaSense contributes to ISBA and Infectious Media’s latest report, Why digital transformation of media is defining its future – And how to seize the opportunity’.

The report investigates the opportunities offered by the next wave of digital transformation, the key drivers of change and the digital legacy challenges that are still prevalent.

Ryan comments on how the pandemic has forced new ways of working for many marketeers:

“The pandemic has had a profound impact since it has forced many marketing teams to break silos, which have for so long held marketers back from being able to operate at the speed of the consumer. Through necessity, digital transformation, collaboration, decision-making, content production and execution have all been hugely accelerated in the last 12 months.” 

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Press coverage via Mediatel.

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