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WARC – In-housing: How to overcome common pitfalls

MediaSense Managing Partner, Ryan Kangisser contributes to the WARC Guide on structuring for effectiveness. This stand alone article focuses on In-housing strategy.


  • While in-housing has afforded many benefits to brands, the organisational challenges of implementation can be far-reaching.
  • A key driver towards self-sufficiency has been to achieve greater control, visibility and speed.
  • A significant majority of brands are planning to bring more media functions in-house, but a minority (27%) intend to do their own programmatic buying and even less (17%) are considering insourcing media buying.

Key Takeaways

  • Seeking the right training and investing accordingly will provide teams with both the depth and breadth to become subject matter experts (depth) and better citizens of the brand (breadth).
  • In-housing, without careful strategy, can deepen silos within an organisation and undermine customer centricity.
  • The legacy approach or organisation of marketing activity by channel needs to evolve towards one which is organised around the consumer.

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