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Gaining better digital media performance

MediaSense’s digital media performance platform DiPA™ helps our clients achieve better performance improvement opportunities across their entire digital marketing ecosystem:  improving quality, reducing wastage and increasing efficiency. The following use cases outline the benefits gained from granular analysis of your digital media performance:

KPI Selection: Evaluating KPI setting

Observation: Video KPIs focused on delivery but key video and verification metrics missing

Implication: Campaign success based on served impressions rather than actual quality inventory and video metrics

Recommendation: Update video KPI framework to focus on quartile video performance of viewable, brand safe and fraud-free impressions

Outcome: Video viewability (+28%) and completion (+16%) rates improved

Planning & Investment:
Unpacking sponsorship to maximise awareness

Brand sponsorship package was bought at a premium but mainly delivered run-of-site inventory

Implication: Sponsorship’s key objective of driving awareness was hindered due to a lack of high-impact inventory being served

Client was due a partial ‘make-good’ due to challenging investment levels and client approach to sponsorship accountability increased considerably

Client refunded +6% of sponsorship value and now receives granular planning documentation for all sponsorship activity

Delivery & Quality:
Investigating brand safety restrictions impacting quality

Observation: Agency had stopped spending with a key partner due to brand safety violations being triggered

Implication: Campaign reach was reduced and CPMs increased when partner was dropped, however closer analysis highlighted brand safety settings were overly restrictive

Recommendation: Brand safety guidelines were updated to be consistent with other media channels and key partner was reinstated

Outcome: Updated brand safety guidelines led to cost-per thousand unique users to drop by -9%

: Improving optimisation best practice

Observation: Sites showing significant viewability variances when looked at on a format-level, even when strong results were reported at site-level

Implication: Campaign viewability could be significantly improved if poorly performing site-format combinations were removed

Recommendation: Build optimisation guidelines for all future campaigns to push viewability performance

Outcome: Avg. display campaign viewability increased by +43%

DiPA™ (Digital Performance Analytics) is an auditing system specifically designed to evaluate campaign performance in digital media channels and technology platforms. Find out more:

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