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MediaSense in the Press: How agency in-housing offerings like Omnicom’s TRKKN use Google expertise as a draw

Now that the threat to agencies of marketers in-housing some of their media-related work has been brought back down to defcon level five — where only a few years ago, some predicted the trend was set to ‘destroy the agency business’ — agencies large and small are now finding new ways to maintain their importance.

The principal change to the agency approach to in-housing has developed somewhat organically. Since the pandemic, the use of ad-tech, data and mar-tech tools generated a need for deeper understanding of the “plumbing” behind modern media investment and analysis, argues Ryan Kangisser, managing partner of strategy at MediaSense. It also hinges on being experts in the use of and partnering with the likes of Google or other top platforms as marketing partners or resellers.

To read the article in full via Digiday, please click here.

First featured 22/09/2023.

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