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MediaSense in the Press: Advertisers Shifting In-housing Efforts to Gain More Ad Spend Control

With the current predicament surrounding shifts in Ad-Industry budgets, solutions surrounding cost-effectiveness have started to arrive. Digiday reveals that one solution being seen, involves advertisers starting to in-house talent skilled in areas of strategic importance (data science and analytics) and out-source non-scalable skills (media buying).

Digiday’s Seb Joseph looks at the shift in advertisers in-housing efforts, with commentary from Ryan Kangisser, Managing Partner, MediaSense:

“The direction of travel for the in-housing trend is increasingly toward hybrid and away from tactical media buying. These businesses still want in-house media and ‘hands to keyboard’ expertise, but in areas which deliver strategic value to the brand such as analytics, audience management, customer experience and e-commerce”.

To read the article in full via Digiday, please click here.

First featured 29/11/2022.

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