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Video – WFA Spotlight Panel: Mitigating Risk – Inflation & Agency Talent Shortfall

Graham Brown, MediaSense Co-Founder & CEO recently joined a WFA spotlight panel to discuss what’s currently happening in the agency world, the shortfall in talent and how clients can better collaborate with agencies to mitigate risk.

Facilitated by WFA, panellists included:

  • Lucinda Peniston-Baines, Founder & Managing Partner, The Observatory International
  • Graham Brown, CEO, MediaSense
  • Nick Waters, CEO, Ebiquity

Replay the session below:

The group were asked a series of questions collected from WFA members before the session:

Agency talent shortfall

3:27 Is there a talent shortfall on the agency side? How does the agency talent shortfall fall into the wider resources shortage we have globally?

15:30 We often hear ‘it’s a situation that clients can’t control. Is it true? How can clients protect the agency talent working on their account?

30:04 Do you see clients working more with freelancers’ companies as a result of the agency talent shortfall?

Mitigating inflation

36:12 Is there currently an inflation on media prices? If yes – do we have some rough figures (or a recommended source of data) for top advertising markets?

42:19 Do agencies increase their price because of an increase of new suppliers in the agency landscape (more competition for them) and reduced budgets on the client side?

52:28 How best mitigate inflation without impacting quality in markets?

59:14 What period (of time) would you (the panel) advise clients to request guarantees for media price inflation?

1:02:32 Are agencies expecting to pass on ALL increased costs to their advertising clients? What is the % of increase is logical to accept according to a market wage increase?

1:08:34 Is there a % or fee difference clients can expect between talent based in big cities v smaller cities?

1:11:47 In what ways can clients work with their agencies to streamline processes, remove non-value-add tasks, automate or out-source to reduce costs for both sides?

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