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In the Press: Madison Avenue wants a slice of the ‘metaverse’ action — but some advertisers are wary about its lack of guardrails

Insider reports on Facebook’s big bet on the ‘metaverse’ – where ad agencies are racing to position themselves as experts on the concept, where consumers are expected to interact with each other — and presumably brands — in virtual spaces using digital avatars.

Advertising experts said that while some marketers have shown an interest in exploring what the metaverse might mean to their businesses, most people in the marketing community think it will take years for the metaverse to evolve from a buzzword to a fully fledged, widely adopted way of using the web. Ryan Kangisser, Managing Partner, MediaSense contributes, commenting on a potentially difficult marketing investment sell-in:

“It’s poorly understood, intangible, limited in measurement and maturity, and, on a more practical level, brands may struggle to apportion budget to something which does not neatly fit in a media or content box,”

To read the article in full via Insider please click here.

First featured on 28/10/2021

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