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MediaSense In the Press: 13 Top Consulting Firms That Help Decide Which Advertising Agencies Will Win Millions in Ad Spending

2021 has been especially busy for agency searches, and consultants continue to play a key role in that process.

Insider Intelligence estimates that global advertisers will spend nearly $1 trillion on advertising by 2024. Many advertisers look to hire ad agencies to handle that spending. To make these and other key decisions, many brands hire consultancies to act as gatekeepers, deciding which agencies get to compete for advertisers’ business.

MediaSense are listed as one of the Insider ‘top 13’ and the publication recently interviewed our Co-founder and CEO, Graham Brown:

MediaSense is running the industry’s biggest agency search, for Coca-Cola, and Graham Brown, co-founder and CEO, said he expects 2021 to be a busy year for agency searches after a relatively quiet 2020.

The majority of its business comes from helping brands get the most value out of their ad dollars. MediaSense has a presence in Asia, India, the US, and Europe and boasts long-term relationships with most of its clients.

Pitching is expensive and time consuming for agencies, and Brown said it could be a tough year for them. He said MediaSense tries to manage expectations for agencies and clients.

“We have a sense of responsibility to these people,” Brown said. “To our clients first and to the people pitching.”

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