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Digiday Research Report: Why Advertisers Turn Off Brand Safety Controls

With the definition of “brand-safe” content varying from advertiser to advertiser, it’s a difficult landscape for brands who want to err on the side of caution, and unhelpful for publishers looking to ease advertisers’ brand safety concerns.

Digiday and Cheq have investigated the after-effect of implementing brand safety tools during advertising campaigns. After surveying over 300 Digiday audience members, comprising brands, agencies and publishers, the investigation found that brand safety tools are crippling reach and content for both the demand and supply side.

MediaSense Partner, Ryan Kangisser, contributes to the research report, commenting on the ‘bigger picture’ for both management and measurement of brand safety “it’s important to acknowledge that with trust at an all-time low, the entire supply chain, not just the tools, is going to have to work twice as hard to reassure brands that brand safety can be effectively managed with advancements in technology, content and processes.

The full report can be downloaded for free via The Digiday UK website.

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