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Digital measurement, quality issues and the impact on agencies & media owners

Advertising fraud is still an industry-wide issue and a concern for many brands. Ryan Kangisser, Digital Partner, was interviewed by Liberum on what the implications are for the industry.

Opening on the current state of affairs in the advertising industry, Ryan feels the debate around digital measurement has better educated the market. “It’s opened people’s eyes on how to better control or mitigate the associated risks with these challenges.” The measurement challenges are not just an issue for media agencies or media owners, but something that the entire advertising industry needs to corroborate on to drive better practice. He added: “It’s an industry-wide issue so not necessarily the poor practice of the media agency or publisher, as an industry it’s an issue we need to acknowledge and take seriously.”

Focussing on media agencies – Ryan states that collaborating with all industry parties should be a priority – with client education being high on the agenda. “Working more closely with the technology and measurement companies, and the publishers, as well as educating their clients will eventually help solve some of the challenges.”

In reference to new measurement systems giving greater confidence, Ryan felt the challenges lie with using them and getting that information that empowers brands to make more informed decisions. “We encourage our clients to speak to those measurement companies, get access to data and find out what levels of exposure to data they have.”

In regards to having visibility in the supply chain, he added, brands need to think, “do they have sufficient visibility in the supply chain and do they have confidence with the suppliers they work with to ensure their exposure to fraud is reduced.”

Finally, for media owners and agencies to better protect themselves, education comes first, then process. “Better educate the supply chain, whether agency publisher, platform or brand on the risks, then design the processes and procedures to ensure all parties can act confidently and be reassured.”

The full interview is available above. Questions covered include:

  • Why has the debate around digital measurement and quality grown so much?
  • What is the impact of advertising fraud on the advertising market?
  • How are media agencies tackling these concerns?
  • Will new measurement systems create greater confidence?
  • Which media agencies and owners are most exposed?
  • How can media agencies and owners protect themselves in the future?

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