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As a result of a recent technology upgrade at MediaSense, we were able to donate a batch of used computer hardware to The Turing Trust.  The sub-Saharan based charity supports education in the African region by reusing computers and improving teacher training using ICT.  We are delighted that 120 pupils from a school in Malawi are now reusing our ex-PCs and Monitors, enabling them to develop valuable digital skills.

We would also like to thank all contributors to our recent Media 2020 survey.  We pledged a contribution for every completed survey and are delighted that because of this year’s record response, with over 200 leading marketers participating, we have reached almost half of our fund-raising target for our client Macmillan Cancer Support.  Our thanks to everyone on behalf of Macmillan for taking the time to respond to the survey.

Working with Macmillan and other worthwhile causes means a huge amount to us as a company and we are looking forward to engaging in further fund-raising activities over the year to reach our target.

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