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Media2020 Report: Preparing for a very different media ecosystem

What will the media ecosystem look like in the future?

The very real challenge marketers have to continually consider to ensure their businesses are future-proofed and adaptable to the constantly evolving media landscape.

  • How should they organise themselves to be sufficiently agile in this new environment?
  • How will their agency models have to change?
  • Who will become their most trusted advisor in navigating this ecosystem?
  • Will they need to in-source more to retain control and secure the skillsets they require?

MediaSense devised the Media2020 initiative with marketers for marketers, to help answer these questions and the many more that are increasingly asked when preparing themselves for a very different media landscape. Working alongside 200+ marketing professionals and senior decision makers, we uncovered the key areas of focus for marketers and the business challenges on their path to digital transformation.

“In 1960, you probably knew exactly what your plans would look like in 1965. Today, I don’t think anybody has a firm view of what 2020 will look like … but it‘s about embracing change, not standing still.”

Working in conjunction with ISBA and Ipsos Connect, Media2020 addresses the important questions when considering the future of media, and provides marketers with the guidance they need on how to be successful in this very different media climate.

The report produces key insights from senior decision makers across a broad range of industries to better understand where companies are in their digital transformation; the biggest challenges marketers are facing; and recommendations on how to be future media ready.

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