DE&I Measurement

MediaSense’s innovative DE&I audit programme identifies key areas in the media supply chain where advertisers can improve diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Providing a rigorous and independent assessment of performance, the DE&I audit delivers recommendations for improvements and highlights where DE&I efficiencies can be unlocked.

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Due to the ever-increasing need for advertisers to measure, benchmark & enhance DE&I credentials, MediaSense has developed and launched an end-to-end Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) audit.


Our digital audit products span an entire campaign cycle; from briefing, planning and investment through to delivery, quality and optimisation. The DE&I programme evaluates the entire media ecosystem, from planning and audience targeting, through to data, technology, and all partners within the digital supply chain.


Our DE&I audits are underpinned by DiPA, a media analytics platform that applies advanced techniques to data management and performance to help unlock incremental value, opportunity, and competitive advantage for advertisers. DiPA enables advertisers to identify value and calculate waste through customisable methodologies, optimise digital performance and actionable insights through augmented analytics and address ‘past’, ‘present and ‘future’ media performance.

MediaSense’s DE&I Audit Programme answers several key questions:

  • Are an advertiser’s media campaigns reaching diverse, equitable and inclusive audiences?
  • Does an advertiser’s media investment support diverse publishers and partners?
  • Can an advertiser improve DE&I in their media ecosystem?

Looking for more information? Request a DE&I audit demo with one of our client team.