Delivering greater accountability, sharper performance and value through market discovery

A longstanding FTSE 100 client with substantial global footprint and scale approached us to assist them in conducting a review of their existing operating models and future marketing requirements.

As part of the process, they asked us to go to market on their behalf, so as to advise on the best approach to media performance and commercial governance.

Ultimately, they needed to gain greater clarity on how they should reconfigure their operating models and organise their agencies to deliver dynamic marketing and integrated communications.

This involved a series of interviews and research with stakeholders, which culminated in a detailed brief to holding companies, designed to gain a better understanding of the current marketplace.

The client had enjoyed a lengthy and trusted relationship with the incumbent, who had managed all their marketing services to date. They felt, however, that the approach had become antiquated, lacking leadership, agility and accountability.

The goal of this ‘market discovery’ process was to gain a solid understanding of new and innovative approaches to operating models, as well as ways of working, to inform a comprehensive brief to the incumbent.

Interviews were conducted with key stakeholders, the findings of which gave us four key areas to focus on:

  • Operating Models
  • Dynamic content optimisation
  • Digital capabilities
  • Remuneration models

These four areas were explored further through interviews with a number of peer companies and desk research. The findings helped identify how best in class creative was being developed and deployed for efficiency, and how effectiveness was being optimised.

The last stage of the process was the deployment of an anonymous brief to all global holding companies and industry leaders. The responses to the brief helped the client understand the various operating models and ways of working employed by different agency groups.

Our report summarised the findings across the four themes, drawn from interviews with stakeholders and peer companies, and responses from Holding Companies. This was then shared with the client, making recommendations on the core areas, including future operating models and partner selection.

All findings from this market discovery process were synthesised in a report and presented to the client.

Eight key attributes of modern operating models were identified, as well as key learnings across the four themes, substantiated with insights and learnings gained from the various interviews, submissions and meetings.
This report informed the structure of an RFP brief to the incumbent Holding Company. Its core purpose was to ensure that they were challenged to deliver a forward-thinking fit-for-purpose model that would benefit the client.

Our report provided reference points and benchmarks which could be used to evaluate against the incumbent’s proposal.

The client was also able to understand more about the overall media holding agency landscape, including different P&L structures and future agency models. This allowed for greater confidence in their future dealings with the incumbent to demand greater accountability, sharper performance and stronger value outcomes.