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We equip brands to design better media operating models and engineer greater productivity from their media investments; in short, we empower brands to take more control of their media ecosystem.

Why control matters

There is an inherent dependency within the client / agency / publisher / technology model that limits brands’ capacity to be agile, flexible and autonomous in their media decision-making. Self-determination – more media control – will give brands greater certainty that strategies developed and investments decisions made on their behalf are aligned to their best interests.

Brands need to be more streetwise to the realities and inner workings of the media industry before they can become self-determining. They need to own their data and understand how to extract value from it; choose the right partners and insist on the best capabilities and highest levels of integrity from those partners, and implement new processes at the right pace for their organisation.

Taking control means accepting the need to do things differently and rethinking legacy approaches.

It’s a challenge all marketers are facing as they transition from managers to doers and the expectations of their role in business continue to grow.

What makes us a trusted advisor

  • We’re rigorous

    We’re rigorous

    It’s a difficult task to make sense of the volume and variable quality of data, the complexity of the information and the jargon inherent to the media industry. By applying meticulous analysis and deep industry knowledge to our clients’ information and data, we give brands the insights they need to make more informed decisions.

  • We’re challenging

    We’re challenging

    The world of media has changed and while every brand wants to generate better outcomes, they are often limited by legacy systems and approaches. With our experience and expertise, we constructively question everything, challenge the status quo and never shy away from having frank conversations and giving direct advice.

  • We’re independent

    We’re independent

    Vested interests often prevent brands from receiving the best advice that will deliver optimal solutions and performance. Our service offerings are never conflicted and we only work with brands, so our clients know that the advice we give is open and transparent, and always in their best interests.

Our team

Our exceptional team brings together expertise from media and digital agencies, technology companies and brand marketing. Our mix of knowledge and experience means we identify with our clients’ challenges and develop solutions that enhance their whole media ecosystem.

Our clients

We are proud to be working with leading global and domestic clients across diverse sectors who are making the transition to stronger partnerships, systems and tools, generating improved value and media productivity, and taking greater control of their media ecosystem.