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Social media is harming children – should brands intervene?

Digital partner at global consultancy MediaSense, Ryan Kangisser, argues that we need to be “realistic” in our expectations of brands and what they are truly able to effect.

“We’ve already seen with the rise of purposeful marketing two to three years ago some great case studies, but for the vast majority there is a challenge around authenticity with consumers wise to those brands who try to force these issues (and there are plenty of those at that).”

Admittedly, there have been a number of high profile instances in which brands have attempted purposeful marketing and misfired hugely, not least Pepsico’s appropriation of the Black Lives Matter movement last year and McDonald’s exploitation of bereavement to sell more Filet O’ Fish.

Kangisser advises brands to avoid the “tactical route”, and to instead join together via the respective trade bodies and work directly with the social networks and manufacturers to develop stronger principles and guidelines for digital wellness.

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