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We are a global media advisory firm, specialising in helping clients engineer value and navigate change to deliver improved outcomes. We evaluate the entire media architecture and make it better.

We are a challenger to the legacy media auditor, consultant and pitch doctor players of the marketing communications consultancy sector offering intelligent, mature and high value advice on business and media challenges.

Media should not be planned, bought or measured as a commodity, nor should supplier relationships be churned lightly. Rather, to derive maximum ROI a more robust and collaborative approach to media governance is required. 

Our services provide controlled and active management of media investments and assets, by eliminating waste, controlling costs, improving processes, managing relationships, increasing productivity and ultimately ensuring commercial and media goals are tightly aligned.

MediaSense is receptive, inquisitive and challenging. We want to hear about our clients’ challenges, doubts, and aspirations. We listen first and tailor our service to fit our clients’ needs – not the other way around.