Throughout our history, MediaSense has prioritised development and innovation to ensure that our products deliver on time and to the highest standards. We strive to push the media industry towards superior data standards, more relevant measurement methodologies and more insightful reporting.



We developed a unique, agile tech-stack that underpins our global media advisory services.


We have invested over £2m in product and tech development.


We have been awarded the Innovate UK grant, to further digital media measurement for advertisers.

Our agile tech stack means our experts can adapt to changes in data formats and data structures provided by media agencies and tech platforms, and provide customised reports to meet our clients’ bespoke analytical requirements.

Our platforms


DiPA™ (Digital Performance Analytics) is a digital auditing system specifically designed to evaluate campaign performance in digital media channels and technology platforms.

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Delivering campaign insight and reporting via an interactive dashboard, TViQ™ evaluates over 250 UK TV campaigns every week.

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Our bespoke toolkit

Abacus Suite

An adaptable and flexible set of tools for automating the calculation of media cost and quality performance vs. commitments and baselines, or to compare media pitch submissions.

Integrity Checker

Proprietary software that conducts over 500 logical and structural checks on agency-submitted data to ensure 100% accuracy and prepare data for data basing.

Status Matrix

Collaboration tool with alerts and visualisations powered by JavaScript macros to alert stakeholders on progress in projects and audits.


TViQ ™ delivers linear TV campaign insight and reporting via an interactive dashboard, evaluating and ranking over 250 UK TV campaigns every week.

Commercial Tabulator

An end-to-end process for ingesting, comparing and visualising agency proposed remuneration, commission and staffing structures.

Offer Generator

Tool used to turn historical media data into comparable and storable baselines, and create clear requests for media buying commitments that are easy for clients to compare.