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We take brands on a journey from where they are to where they want to be, building on existing strengths, removing blockers and maximising opportunities across all components of their media ecosystem.

Our services

  • Pitch management

    Pitch management

    We find the right partners with the expertise, capabilities and culture to support our clients’ needs and goals.


    • Agency pitch management
    • Diagnostic evaluation
    • Agency models
    • Relationship management
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  • Media performance

    Media performance

    We evaluate media investments and assets and recommend new approaches to optimise value and performance.


    • Value diagnostic
    • Performance design
    • Performance tracking
    • Performance deep-dive
    • Value forecasting
      • DiPA TM
        Digital Performance Analytics
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  • Commercial governance

    Commercial governance

    We design and negotiate commercial models and contracts to drive appropriate behaviours and ensure accountability and compliance.


    • Negotiation strategy
    • Commercial modelling
    • Contract governance
    • Contract compliance
    • Resource tracking
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  • Digital acceleration

    Digital acceleration

    We design and implement the optimal data and technology infrastructure, to accelerate digital marketing performance.


    • Digital transformation
    • Digital governance
    • Digital immersion
    • Technology strategy
    • Vendor selection
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A four stage journey for continuous improvement

A ‘cookie-cutter’ approach is no longer compatible with today’s media landscape. Brands need customised solutions that address their complex, interconnected challenges in order to deliver competitive advantage now and in the future.

Whether we’re supporting clients through the improvement of one component of their media infrastructure, or across a major transformation programme, we tailor our recommendations based on a detailed assessment of the existing media ecosystem, the competitive environment, media channel opportunities, change ambitions and business operations overall.

We have an established process for partnering with our clients across all our service areas which ensures they achieve sustainable business value. It’s comprised of four core stages which we implement to the highest standards.

  • Discovery

    We analyse the ’as is’ to identify the challenges and the opportunities for our client’s ambitions.

  • Design

    We make informed recommendations for the ‘to be’ options and detail the steps to be taken towards change.

  • Engineer

    We build and implement the agreed design, maintaining full engagement with stakeholders.

  • Refine

    We monitor transformed systems and relationships and refine performance as appropriate.

Recent challenges we’ve solved for our clients

  • “Digital transformation is vitally important to the future of our business. We need a media agency who can partner with us on this journey.”

    Our answer for a Financial client:

    MediaSense designed a pitch that put digital strategy, capability and performance at the heart of the process.

  • “We can manage marketing for our e-commerce business better than agencies can and want support with in-sourcing all capabilities and technologies.”

    Our answer for a Sportswear client:

    MediaSense determined the e-tailer’s business and resource requirements then supported implementation.

  • “Post-acquisition we need to establish the best course of action to realise stretching operating cash flow targets across our marketing operation, with minimal business disruption.”

    Our answer for a Media Communications client:

    MediaSense evaluated the financial and commercial implications of change, plus the operational risks and opportunities, and saw final recommendation through to completion.

  • “After 10 years with our media agency, we need to review our global relationship. We want to know if the best approach is pitching our account.”

    Our answer for an Auto client:

    After a thorough deep-dive into the agency relationship and outputs, MediaSense recommended a structured renegotiation rather than an open pitch.

  • “Following an all-encompassing pitch, we need to ensure we generated in-year cash savings that can fund capex commitments.”

    Our answer for an Auto client:

    MediaSense extended the existing performance management programme with real-time performance planning, enabling closer ongoing monitoring of the media agency’s achievements against global savings targets.

  • “I need to understand how we are managing our media – what are we doing well, what we are doing badly, what we should stop and what we should start.”

    Our answer for an Alcoholic Beverage client:

    MediaSense interviewed key stakeholders and evaluated every aspect of the existing media system, then devised a detailed route-map for making changes, from initial briefing through to implementation.

  • “Our contract is not fit-for-purpose and leaves our business exposed to potential commercial risk and loss of value.”

    Our answer for an OTC client:

    MediaSense provided subject matter expertise for external lawyers and in-house procurement to realise a best-in-class media contract.

  • “We recognise the need for digital transformation but we feel our markets lack the digital capabilities to deliver our vision.”

    Our answer for an OTC client:

    MediaSense carried out a digital capability assessment of marketing teams and their agency partners, then developed a global digital council for support learning and sharing best practice.

  • “We believe we can generate a lot more value from our media budgets than our media audits are suggesting.”

    Our answer for a Financial Services client:

    MediaSense designed a performance measurement scheme which unlocked significant additional value and liberated media budgets.

  • “We recognise we need to implement a data management platform but we need to create a business case to demonstrate the value it can deliver to the business.”

    Our answer for a Financial Services client:

    MediaSense undertook proprietary research into the likely benefits of implementing data-driven media trading and then supported the data management platform vendor selection process.

  • “Our media auditor's pitch process has not been robust enough in locking down anticipated media buying savings.”

    Our answer for a Retail client:

    MediaSense forensically re-analysed the leakage within the buying commitments to help the client renegotiate deals and minimise losses in value.

  • “Our media processes are dysfunctional, causing cost and operating challenges with our agencies and internally.”

    Our answer for an Energy client:

    MediaSense reviewed media processes in top markets and established a global KPI scheme to ensure the agency was targeted in absolute alignment with marketing objectives.

  • “Our programmatic strategy is not yet fully formed and we have reservations around in-market deployment, transparency and brand safety.”

    Our answer for an Energy client:

    MediaSense designed a global governance programme to improve expectations and visibility in programmatic media, data protocols, risk controls and resource utilisation

  • “While we know and understand off-line media, we need to work out how we should manage for better performance in digital media channels.”

    Our answer for a Luxury client:

    MediaSense evaluated current ways of working then managed a programme of internal education and technology infrastructure implementation at a pace suitable for the client.

  • “We have to redevelop the way we measure digital performance and move away from legacy metrics such as click through rates and cost per thousand.”

    Our answer for an Auto client:

    MediaSense developed a global KPI framework to ensure smarter metrics and targets were set in line with objectives for all devices and channels.

  • “SEO is a critical ingredient to our marketing performance and we need to find a global partner who has the best-in-class technical, content and local capabilities.”

    Our answer for an Electronic client:

    MediaSense managed an expertise-led pitch process with structured challenges that explored agencies’ capabilities in the key discipline areas.

  • “We've adopted an insourced marketing model, but we need a third party assessment of how well we are executing our digital performance channels.”

    Our answer for a Sportswear client:

    MediaSense evaluated the capabilities of the marketing team focussing on people, process and technology, and recommended a temporary pause in activity to improve the configuration and deployment of the buying and analytics technologies.

  • “Following a takeover, we are under a lot of pressure to put our media account to pitch, putting at risk a really strong relationship. We need to prove their value.”

    Our answer for an OTC client:

    MediaSense managed a vigorous negotiation with the incumbent agency, delivering the same performance results as a pitch for a fraction of the disruption.

  • “We are sure we are not getting the resource levels or knowledge we were promised at pitch but lack the leverage to change our agency's behaviour.”

    Our answer for a Luxury client:

    MediaSense’s Resource tracking programme identified and quantified these shortfalls, creating a strong position for subsequent negotiations around fees and resources.

  • “One of our markets has a trade credit stock far in excess of the level they can absorb.”

    Our answer for an OTC client:

    MediaSense collaborated with barter specialists to implement a unique cross-border deal to absorb the balance, including the use of non-media outlets.

  • “Our marketers' lack of specialist media knowledge is apparent and it might compromise our first big ATL campaign.”

    Our answer for a Government client:

    MediaSense delivered a comprehensive training programme to equip campaign managers with the right knowledge to challenge the agency response.

  • “I believe my agency is engaging in significant non-transparent business practices, to the detriment of my marketing budget.”

    Our answer for a Factory client:

    MediaSense reviewed the contract, commissioned an accredited financial compliance auditor then renegotiated the ‘offending’ terms.

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