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Revealing the true digital performance for a major financial services company

Implementation of recommendations deliver 15% improvement in sales volumes

MediaSense’s digital evaluation tool DiPA® exposed limited transparency, media quality issues and revealed opportunities for campaign optimisation

/ Background

A long-standing MediaSense client required a review of their digital media campaigns to assess the effectiveness of their programmatic media planning and buying, to gain better visibility of how budgets were being spent and to evaluate their agency’s optimisation strategy.

The goal was to find evidence of campaign optimisation to understand how the agency re-allocated spend from underperforming media to deliver optimal value and its impact on campaign results.

/ Solution

  • Design

    • MediaSense proposed DiPA®, to analyse the campaign by accessing log level DSP data
    • DiPA evaluates granular performance data at scale to identify evidence of optimisation by the agency
    • We also conducted KPI and media planning reviews on video and display inventory to ensure outputs were aligned with campaign goals
    • We undertook quality reviews to disclose the level of brand safety and to help minimise fraud
  • Insight

    • The agency’s optimisation strategy focused on conversion but did not take account of quality KPIs
    • The optimisation techniques used by the agency were limited to conversion and creative KPIs
    • There was a significant opportunity to introduce additional optimisation layers, including domain level and daypart KPIs
    • A high level of impressions were being served at night, achieving poor conversions
  • Action

    • In future, campaigns were planned with more structural optimisation layers (line item, domain, daypart, creative)
    • A number of new KPIs (conversions, conversion rate, engagement, viewability) were introduced to improve overall campaign performance
    • A daypart targeted approach was introduced into the planning strategy to minimise the level of night-time impressions


/ Outcome

  • Value

    • Implementation of the optimisation recommendations delivered 15% improvement in sales volumes over the course of the campaign
  • Quality

    • Introduction of quality KPIs (such as Viewability) ensured genuine campaign conversions that were in-view, human and fraud-free
  • Organisation

    • Improved visibility of the data and technology platforms used by the agency now gives more accurate analysis