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“Advertisers need to think about how they use TV to reflect the new way people consume it.”

Originally featured on Liberum

Experts including MediaSense’s Graham Brown and Ryan Kangisser were asked questions on the UK TV market, interrogating the opportunities and challenges the industry faces.

Liberum, the independently-owned pan European investment bank, invited MediaSense to share expert opinion on key topics including where they saw the direction of TV was heading. On this topic, Graham said, “We will be trading TV programmatically – it’s not that far away. We will be bidding for our audiences, delivering personalised content at scale. That will be TV at it’s best.”

When comparing Facebook with TV, Ryan highlighted that ’80 per cent of all Facebook initiations are without sound’ something TV delivered which gave a more engaging experience. “Advertisers aren’t going to have an issue creating an impact through TV.” Graham added that he ‘expected large chunks of a TV audience could be taken by taken by Facebook, but expected TV to always have a place in an advertisers schedule. “I wouldn’t underestimate the potential of Facebook….however it won’t replace TV.”

Graham believes the content delivered has a big role for advertisers, “So long as there is quality content there is room for TV on an advertiser’s media schedule.” A comment reinforced by Ryan when referring about brands reaching a millennial audience, originally seeding their content through social channels like YouTube. “TV reinforces the message or reaches a new audience that [the brand] hadn’t previously been able to reach.”

The full video, including commentary from Liberum, GroupM and Thinkbox is available above.

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