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MediaSense launches ProgrammaticSense to help clients drive better performance from programmatic advertising

MediaSense, the global media advisory firm, is today launching a new service to help clients better understand the benefits and practical applications of programmatic advertising, and ensure they derive the best performance from their investment.

ProgrammaticSense combines the theoretical, in the form of workshops and supplier selection, with the practical, a 10-step performance programme which will be tailored to individual clients’ needs.

Workshops deliver insight into how the programmatic process operates, including the role of data, technology and people (the workflow). For clients with more advanced programmes, the service will focus on ensuring key components are in place and working effectively. Where change is necessary, MediaSense will provide expert advice through vendor/agency evaluations, or support transitioning clients into insourced models.

The 10-step performance programme has been developed to help clients ensure the role of programmatic remains clearly defined, the technology is fit for purpose, the value chain clearly described (and transparent) and performance is optimised through forensic management of brand safety, fraud and data security.

Ryan Kangisser, Partner at MediaSense, said of ProgrammaticSense: “We are hearing from advertisers that they are underwhelmed by programmatic’s unfulfilled promise. We believe there is great value and productivity to be realised through programmatic buying but for this to happen, brands must become more streetwise, take control of the process and specifically, the role of the constituent parts; data, technology, capabilities and performance. Elements of this programme are already delivering significant benefit to advertisers in terms of improved performance and productivity; we believe the time is right to offer this comprehensive service to clients.”

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